5BORO, a skate brand that encompasses New York City in it's entirety, was founded in 1996 by Steve Rodriguez. Rodriguez built up 5BORO out of the experiences of his long history in NYC skateboarding.  Today, Steve operates the brand with fellow NYC skateboarder, Mark Nardelli, as 5BORO continues to grow and put out some of the most visually stunning skateboards and apparel on the east coast.

The 5BORO team includes Rob Gonyon, Jimmy McDonald, Silvester Eduardo, Jordan Trahan, Elijah Cole, Danny Falla, Akira Ishizawa, Keith Hardy, Joe Tookmanian, Ricky Gieger, Willy Akers, Tombo Colabraro, Brandon Jacobson, Dan Pensyl, Guillaume Dulout, Mark Nardelli, and Steve Rodriguez.