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About Us

New York Skateboards is the only ALL New York skate shop.

New York City and its surroundings have a unique and iconic skateboard culture, full of creativity that spills into independent brands, videos, art and many other projects.  New York Skateboards supports that culture of creativity by selling decks, apparel, and products exclusively from New York-based skate brands, organized into a simple web store.

The shop highlights the contributions made by this collection of brands both to the local and the broader skate culture as well as the creative communities that have grown up under its influence. 

At the time of the launch, NewYorkSkateboards.com, will feature decks and apparel from independent brands like 5BORO, BRONZE, CODA, CHAPMAN, DOUBLE LUCKY CO., HOPPS, IRONCLAW, MOOD, NY SKATEBOARDING, PRIZE FIGHTER CUTLERY, TORRO, SAMURAI, SHUT, SUSHI, and TORRO.

New York skaters have a style that can’t be found anywhere else, entwined with the traffic, the flow and the vibe of the city. The artists and brands that grew up in this richly textured environment embody that ethos, which makes itself evident in the unique products offered by New York Skateboards. 

Please help us share these efforts with your friends and family. If you have questions or feedback, let us know at info@nyskateboards.com, or by phone at 1-631-321-4773.

New York skateboards is an independent affiliate of NY Skateboarding.

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Blog: www.nyskateboarding.com

Shop: www.newyorkskateboards.com

Visit our warehouse showroom and skate shop located at Chapman Skateboards:

87 North Industry Ct, Suite #1, Deer Park, NY 11729