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Deadline: January 1st, 2015
Submission fee: $5
New York Skateboards


The subcultures created by skateboarding and art communities often influence one another while seeking to reinterpret the world around them. Over the past 30 years, the skateboard has become an icon of individualism, and a blank canvas where artists/skaters have found a common ground to express themselves. New York Skateboards is seeking submissions from artists/skaters/designers that transform the surface of the skateboard into a platform of expression.

From the submissions, one design will be chosen, and printed onto a limited edition skateboard produced by New York Skateboards, and manufactured by Chapman Skateboards, the leading skateboard manufacturing company in the USA.

Important: *We are seeking actual designs, or art that could be printed onto skateboards. Please do NOT submit photographs of skateboards that have art painted directly onto them, as that could not be made into an actual skate deck regarding the production process.

Prize: Winner will receive $300, and 2 of their own skateboards.

1. To be eligible, submissions must meet ALL of the following guidelines. Open Call is open to all artists, and designers, from all over the world.

2. Your original design should be formatted as a rectangle 9 x 33 inches, 300 dpi, or vector. The submission must be saved as a web sized jpg using our template, available to download here: http://newyorkskateboards.com/products/template

(*artwork that is painted directly onto an existing skateboard will not work as the design must bleed off the edges at the above dimensions to be printed onto decks successfully.)

Artwork may be illustrative, design-based, abstract, photographic or representational, etc. Designs may incorporate or interpret the   “NEW YORK SKATEBOARDS” brand name, or pretzel theme, but it is not necessary. The artwork must be original, and not copyrighted by another person or company, although parody is fine. The winning design will be reproduced as CMYK, or Pantone spot color depending on the graphic. The chosen artist will be contacted so that we can get the full scale 9 x 33 hi res art files.

3. Your design must then be posted to Tumblr, on your own page. Use these tags in your post for eligibility:                          

#NYSopencall @newyorkskateboards

We will repost your designs here: NewYorkSkateboards.tumblr.com.
The 10 designs that use the above tags, and have the most likes on tumblr will be finalists, whereby the winner will be decided based on public votes, and production feasibility.

4. Download the template through the checkout cart. Immediately after paying the $5 submission fee, your download will be emailed to the address you provided. Submission fee goes towards the winners prize, and production costs. All 10 top finalists will receive a refund of their submission fee. Submission fee & Template Download can be found here: www.NewYorkSkateboards.com/pages/OPENCALL

About New York Skateboards:
New York Skateboards is a shop in New York dedicated to selling skate decks, apparel, and products by New York based skate brands, and artists.

Deadline: January 1st, 2015
Winner will be notified by: January 15, 2015

For more information, or questions, visit


or email us at: info (at) nyskateboards (dot) com.